Entry #1

Hi Dudes!

2007-11-07 17:01:06 by Aricarikir

Hi i´m Ari!
I make Flash animation and Videos!
I am from Spain.
The most of my creations are Starring Stickmans,but sometimes i make diferent Stuff.
Im with lotta Projects in mind so just wait and see...
One of those days i will be in newgrounds Front Page!

Check out my Blog-Web for see my updates!
Ari Productions

Its in Spanish but its easy to understand!

like Chet Says: Video Games Are Awesome!
If you play:Crysis Halo,Battlefield2/2142 or unreal tournament 2004 let me now!
Oh! and if You have wii and wanna play
Super Smash Bros Brawl (wen it launches) tell me your Wii Friend Code an i tell you mine!
See Ya!
Fps Rock´s

Hi Dudes!


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2007-11-16 19:37:22

hey isnt that cool that i saved that movie called bouncing the ball.